News - Concord Insurance & Financial Planning Group Inc.


Tuesday November 25 2014:

We have finally completed all the translation to be done on this webpage. Hope you enjoy the changes!

Friday July 4 2014:

We have updated the website's look and feel in order to modernize the functionality and the overall design of the site. This also means that our website can now be used more functionally, rather than for a source of information. Some new additions to our website include:

Travel Insurance:
  • Quotes can now be done on our Website. They can be done 24/7 in the comfort of your own home.
  • Travel Insurance quotes can now be done on the website, more options to complete the application form will be released in the future.
Tools & Resources:
  • We have provided several links to external sources that can assist you in finding the right insurance plan.
  • Questions about our services can now be found in the FAQ page, or the Insurance Tips page.
Language Settings:
  • Our website can now be translated into three languages. They include: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Please note that some pages do not have official support for Simplified and Traditional Chinese as of yet. They will be released some time in the future.

Sunday June 1 2014:

The official first day of releasing the website online.